Out Now On Steam

Pumpkins is a Halloween themed arcade style action-puzzle game. Traverse through a set of pumpkin patch mazes while avoiding pests and collecting pumpkins. Check out the trailer below!

Help!  The farm has become OVERRUN with WILD TURKEYS and other pests! I think it may even be CURSED! Reclaim your crops from these bombastic barnyard bullies. Venture out on Halloween day and don’t come back until you’ve gathered every pumpkin you can find.

Pumpkins is a short, simple, arcade-style, puzzle game. Each level brings escalating challenges as you guide the farmer through a series of perilous pumpkin patches in order to reclaim his well guarded crops. The farmer can stack up to 10 pumpkins in his arms at once but a single touch from an invasive pest will send him running.

Discover secret levels hidden throughout the world to locate and reclaim every lost pumpkin. Optimize your route tightly enough to score yourself a highly prized blue ribbon. Perfect your run in a single attempt to secure an elusive green ribbon.

Experience the unique autumn atmosphere of the farm that makes Pumpkins a perfect game for the Halloween season!